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PRISM micro touch has multifunction system for face and rejuvenation:
ultrasonic peeling, carrying, micro peel, moisturization, skin regeneration, micro circulation, deep wrinkles treatment, pigmentation problems, acne scars, strech mark, facial treatment system

1. Ultrasonic-Peeling (Scrubber) Function
Ultrasonic vibration carry optimal ultrasonic energy to the scrubber’s hand piece according to operation time, temperature of hand piece and external environment automatically.

2. Iontophoresis Function
provides the most stabilized and optimal energy by measuring the skin moisture and resistance value and supplying electric energy. Compare with presented iontophoresis, it transmit remarkably weak electric current but saturate electric energy into skin with 20,000 times speedy. It make comfortable patient and feel free from stinging.

3. Prism Care(Sono+Iontophoresis)Function
Prism causes medicine to permeate using Ionto & sonophoresis simultaneously. Iontophoresis alone can not make all the me dicine permeate except ionized ones. In addition, ultrasonic vibration enables a stable and effective permeation by making the remaining medicine that did not per meate using iontophoresis ultrafine particles.

  Technology   Iontophoresis & Sonophoresis
  Accessory   Handpice, Ion-Mask, Tweezer, Ground rod
  Iontophoresis   20~1000
  Sonophoresis   20~30Khz
  Control Panel   LCD Touch panel 9.7inch
  Size   Main-480x200x290 / Cart-260x730x270
  Weight   Main-5.0kg / Cart-10kg

CEO : Won-seop lee
Address : Rm308, Ssangyong IT Twin Tower A-dong, 537, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South KOREA
TEL : +82-31-608-5241 / FAX : +82-31-608-5245 / Business license : 215-81-95485 / E-mail :
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