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This device pertinently delivers bio thermal energy by transforming high frequency energy(0.3Mhz/0.5Mhz) recover cell functions, increase blood circulation, degrade fats, normalize hormone balance by inducing expansion of blood vessels and elevating temperature of tissue promote revitalization of collagen by stimulating; it is a cutting edge device that heals the balance of the face and body.

- Impedance Auto Scanning System
- Stand against up to 4000 voltage
- Dual Frequency : 0.3MHz or 0.5MHz
- Dual Form : Continuous or Pulse
- SMPS technology incorporates novel, patented control system which
- effectively overcome the limitation of previously availableRF System

Cellulite treatment, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkles, skin tone & texture, pores, facial & neck rejuvenation.

  Model Name   RF skin
  Power Supply   220V, -50/60Hz
  Power Consumption   300W
  Output Consumption   Min 1W ~ Max 100W
  Carrier Frepuency   Face:0.3Mhz. Body:0.5Mhz
  Supply Function   Continuous & Pulse
  Dimension   Main-480x400x290 / Cart-260x730x270
  Weight   Main-5.0kg / Cart-10kg


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