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As a intensive ultrasound therapeutic device for skin lifting utilizing the HIFU(High intensity focused ultrasound) technology, U-one burns skin tissues using 65~100℃ high heat being generated when a high-intensive ultrasound energy is focused on a spot. If a ultrasound about 100 times stronger than the intensity of ultra sound used at making a diagnosis is focused on a spot, some heat generates in the focused spot. This is a similar to the principle that some heat is generated in the focused part when sunlight is focused using a convex lens.
Ultrasound itself is harmless to human body and generates some heat generates only on the spot where ultrasound is intensively focused, so it can deliver strong heat energy to the deep skin without using any knife or needle and with little irritation on the 3~4mm-depth epidermis. The energy generated at this time induces collagen’s active production, so inducing the generation of epidermis and dermis at the same time. Based on this differential photo-thermal damage theory, U-one is a new concept ultrasound technology for skin lifting.
A vibrator in the cartridge moving high speed transfer heating energy near procedure lesion.

Triple Layer(SMAS, Deep dermis, Superficial Dermis) Lifting

     E7 1.5   E7 3.0   E4 4.5   E4 13
  Frequency   7MHz   7MHz   4MHz   4MHz
  Focal Distance
  From Surface
  1.5mm   3.0mm   4.5mm   13mm
  Indication   1. Acne
  2. Pore Reduction
  3. Skin Tone
  4. Winkle Reduction
  5. Skin Rejuvenation
  1. Eyebrow Lifting
  2. Nasonabial
      Fold Reduction
  1. Skin Lifting   1. obesity
Auto Calibration function
- Maintain optimized ultrasound power

AThree type of Cartridge
- selectable possibility in variable by procedure lesion

Triple effect at once
- SMAS contraction, Collagen remodeling, elastine
fiber contraction in single treatment

Linear actuator
- High speed ? quick procedure at high speed
- High accuracy? make accurate aim of operating lesion

- can check the cartridge condition in real time

Auto Calibration function
Ultrasound head’s characteristics are gradually changed depending on its surrounding temperature and its use frequency. In order to solve these disadvantages, U-one is designed to output the ultrasound in consistent level by inserting our patent technology (Patent No. 10-0773119) and the Auto Calibration Function into the device, so enabling to monitor the ultrasound head’s characteristics all the time for ultrasound’s consistent output.

  Irradiation Type   HIFU
  Energy   0.2~3.0J (0.1J/step)
  Cartridge   E7, D-1.5mm
  E7, D-3.0mm
  E4, D-4.5mm
  E4, D13mm
  0.5~5.0mm        0.5~2.0mm, 0.1/step
                          2.0~5.0mm, 0.5/step
  Length   5.0~30mm, 1.0/step
  Electrical Requirement   AC 100~250V (50/60Hz Single Phase)
  Weight   Main - 10Kg , Cart - 9Kg
  Dimensions   Main - 437X330X280mm
  Cart - 400X380X880mm

CEO : Won-seop lee
Address : Rm308, Ssangyong IT Twin Tower A-dong, 537, Dunchon-daero, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South KOREA
TEL : +82-31-608-5241 / FAX : +82-31-608-5245 / Business license : 215-81-95485 / E-mail :
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